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About the Area

Ely Township is centrally located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It is part of Marquette County and has a current population of 2010. The following towns are encompassed in Ely Township in part or as a whole: Champion, Clarksburg, Diorite, Greenwood, South Greenwood, Ishpeming, and Snowville.

The area of the Township is approximately 140.5 square miles. The main transportation routes in the Township are US Highway 41 and County Road 581. County Road 496 provides access to Diorite and Greenwood.

Visitors to Ely Township can enjoy a day at the Greenwood Reservoir boating, fishing, or kayaking with public access to the lake available. The Iron Ore Heritage Trail runs through Ely Township providing picturesque trails for biking, ATVing, and snowmobiling.