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Master Plan

The Planning Commission is currently working on updating the Ely Township Master Plan. Residents are welcome and encouraged to attend the Planning Commission meetings to give input. They will be holding 2-3 Public Hearings before a new Plan is adopted. Items that are being reviewed are the zoning maps, plans for road repairs, and trends of housing in the township. For a copy of our current Master Plan, please refer to the document below: 


Ely Township Master Plan 2014



"What is a Master Plan?"

Master Plans are a community driven document that provides leaders and residents with a vision of their future physical development. The process used to develop a Master Plan seeks to involve all segments of the local populace and to consider all relevant factors that may influence it’s future. These factors include the area’s history, resources, economy, population, growth trends, existing land use patterns, infrastructure, environment, character, and attitudes.

In addition to evaluating existing conditions, plans and the planning process identify and evaluate community problems and opportunities. Armed with these inventories and analysis, and an understanding of how these factors may impact their future, communities develop goals and policies that guide decision makers. 

Master Plans are not ordinances or laws. Master plans are plans for the future. They guide decisions and should be regularly evaluated as conditions within the community change. In Michigan, Master Plans are the basis for zoning ordinances (which are laws). Zoning must be based on a reasonable community plan. So while Master Plans are guides, they are also the legal foundation for local land use laws.